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Gourmet Soup Mixes

Our gourmet soup mixes are some of our most popular items in our stores, and it’s easy to see why. These quick-and-easy dry soup mixes are a wonderful solution for busy or tiring days. Our soups are based on international and traditional recipes and are crafted with premium ingredients that give each soup and chowder a rich, unparalleled flavor. Delicious and hearty, warming and satisfying, these soups are perfect for lunch at work or dinner on the go. We think you'll be able to taste the difference.

The ease of gourmet dry soup mixes means that you’ll never be without options. They keep well in the pantry, allowing you to have easy-to-make soups at your fingertips at all times. Soups are pleasing appetizers and can often be fashioned into crowd-pleasing main courses, especially when paired with a few light side dishes, such as a refreshing salad or crudités. Our gourmet soup mixes are customizable, too. Try a couple to see which flavors you like best, and then combine them with other dishes to create a fantastic meal.

With intriguing blends of spices and vegetables and noodles and beans, our soups offer an expansive and wide-ranging variety of textures and flavor profiles to suit every taste, inclination, or need. You can even try sending dried soup mixes for gifts. It’s an inventive—and delicious—twist on gift giving that’ll surprise and delight your recipients.